Point Breeze Center

2147 Manton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Keystone STAR 3

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Center Director: Donna Bartman
Assistant Director: Taylor Curtis

The Point Breeze Center provides high quality early childhood education and care to children ages three through five years. The Center offers a welcoming environment and an engaged teaching staff to build positive, nurturing relationships in a child’s early years. Preschool and pre-k classrooms are offered at the Center with supportive transitions into each program. The Center offers Pre-K Counts, Head Start, and PHL Pre-K programs.

The program implements Teaching Strategies’ The Creative Curriculum and follows an age-appropriate, project-based lesson plan. This curriculum also provides teachers with an observation tool so they can fully support each child’s individual learning and communicate any successes and challenges with parents. Daily activities include reading, circle time, outdoor play, and hands-on educational activities that create a balance of learning and play for students.

For over 50 years, MELC has provided high quality care and education to children in the region. Through its programs, the Center ensures kindergarten readiness for every child by enriching its classroom lesson plans with social, mental and emotional development activities for children between the ages of three to five. In addition, the programs offer families health, behavior, and nutrition services.

Each day at MELC, you can expect that your child will walk into a happy and safe environment led by our highly qualified, energetic and friendly teachers. The Point Breeze Center was developed in partnership with Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) in Philadelphia.

To enroll in the Point Breeze Center, call 484-704-2484 for more information.

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